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In this week’s update, I show off something I tried out on my Avatar using Blender.

What you see below is a video and a few pictures of my main Avatar wearing a Three Piece Suit, but with a twist! The Tie on it was modified on my own to have natural physics in VRChat through the use of the VRC Avatar Dynamics & PhysBones system.

As you can see here, I have rigged it with 12 Bones in the Tie. All smoothly Weight Painted to make it look as natural as I can with movement and pose.

Here are some more images below showing how the Gravity of the Tie rests naturally on my Chest. Compared to Dynamic Bone, PhysBones has more customizable Collider sizes and is shaped to naturally rest on the Chest, both while standing and sitting down. The best part about all of this is that it’s still very well optimized in performance (thanks to PhysBones) and sticking around Medium Rank in VRChat!

The Gizmos showing the PhysBones and it’s Colliders in Unity. The two Square Colliders are for when the Jacket is enabled.

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