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Here is my progress so far on some of the things I’ve been working on.

Below, you will find some screenshots of some updates I’ve been doing to my Royal Zeppelin, a public VRChat World that I’ve been maintaining more as of late.

The Tablet system I’m using for my World now. It is a pickupable object that is interacted with using VRC_UiShape, which allows Unity UI to be intractable to players. All of the UI elements you see here were designed by me.

Another view of the Tablet.

Controls for the Video Player tab.

New Elevator interior.

Changes to the Main Room, now the Ballroom.

Another Ballroom view.

Another Ballroom view.

Updates to the Lounge. Notice the new Furniture.

Top view of the Lounge.

New Bathrooms in the Zeppelin.

A new room in the Zeppelin, the Cafeteria.

Another view of the Cafeteria.


Updates to the Captain’s Quarters.

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